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 Squirrel Trapping

Squirrels are one of the nuisance animals that we commonly deal with here in Georgia. The most common problem with them is that they tend to enter attics, often chewing their way inside, where they scamper around making noise, and worse, contaminating the area and chewing on electrical wires, which can cause a fire hazard. We remove all of the squirrels from the attic by using a special trap that mounts right on the squirrel entry hole, catching each squirrel as it exits the attic (which they do several times a day in search of water and food). After the squirrels are all out, we fix the hole so that now new squirrels can get back in. We then fry them up using The Best Squirrel Recipes. Just kidding, we relocate them to a wildlife preserve area outside of the city.

Hi, discovered your site looking for (humane) solutions other than the expensive $1500+ seal and trap proposed by wildlife control division of pest control company.

We clearly have tunnels in the insulation, feces, some nuts (pecans) in an unfinished crawlspace off a 2nd floor bedroom – they’ve been dropping down into the house!

If I installed one way doors, would there be babies this time of year in North Georgia mountains (1 hour north of city of Atlanta) If not, when is next litter time so I know my window of opportunity?

One page of your site indicates noise and light are most helpful, another page says these are ineffective.

My house borders a wildlife area, undeveloped; once (hopefully) the squirrels are out, is there any solution to reoccupation other than putting the metal sheathing all around the perimeter of the roof? Obvious the holes I have (4 or 5) in soffit have to be repaired.

Thanks, Marina