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Chipmunk Repellents

There are so many repellents that have been put in place with the claim that they will help you deal with the Georgia chipmunk issue once and for all but how genuine they are? Manufacturer of these products will make you believe that they actually work but in real sense, that is only a big lie. However, there are some that have proven to work. Here are some of the repellents that people use:
- Mothballs and ammonia.
- Seeds and bulbs.
- Predator’s odor.
- Live predators.
After analyzing with care the effects of these repellent, you will understand why the use repellents is highly is discouraged.

Mothballs and ammonia
These two work on the basis of providing the animals with a very distasteful and unpleasant smell. They were originally argued to work but in the recent studies shows that they are not effective at keeping the Atlanta animals out. What they do is that they will produce the smell only for a little while and then the smell will fade away and also the animals will get use to the smell thereby rendering them very useless. They are also a great danger to the health of the children and also that of the pets.

Seeds and bulbs
Using the topical food for the Atlanta chipmunks to is not a good thing to do. The repellents in the seed and the bulbs will usually drain away very fast meaning that you will be spending a lot. And also, the chipmunks will tell when the seed have been interfered with and when they have not and therefore; this method proves to be less efficient and therefore it cannot be used.

Predator odor
This is another method that has been in the question whether it works or not. The urines are very expensive and also very ineffective at keeping the chipmunks away. You need a powerful product and the urines are not powerful, they are just a way of siphoning your money out and producing no good results. The Georgia chipmunks will just ignore them and go their way. Therefore, they are not a good strategy.

Live predator
This is a method that many people have been embarking on to help them control the chipmunk, what is normally done is that the person wanting to keep the Atlanta chipmunk away encourages the predator by building the predator’s structures and putting up what the predators like. This way when the chipmunks see the predator they will go away. However, this has a disadvantage, by inviting the predator, you might be creating additional problems on your side, and it might also be a very expensive venture.

Every repellent has its own disadvantage and therefore this makes the use of the repellents very discouraging. Therefore, you will need to be apt on this and chose a method that works.

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