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About Coyotes

Do you want to know more about the Atlanta Coyote? Yes, they are cousins to dogs, but have a closer relationship with gray wolves.

Coyotes generally look like their close cousin the Georgia gray wolfs with an elongated muzzle. Males will generally weigh about 8-20 kilos while the female counter parts weigh about 7-18 kilos. Their body lengths may range between 1 – 1.35 meters, with a somewhat furry tail that measures up to 40 centimeters. The color of coyotes differs in different regions. However they are generally alight gray or red with an interspersion of black and white all over their bodies. As a general rule the males are larger and stronger than the females.

Coyotes in the wild have a lifespan of up to 8 years while those in captivity can live up to 16 years. A coyote can start mating from 1 year as it has reached ‘adulthood’. However it has been observed they take their time as hunting is priority. While a female can attract up to 7 males when in heat, it gets to select her chosen companion and mates with it. Once this happens, the rest will go away and stop with the pursuing. Once fertilization occurs, a gestation period of 63 days. A mother Atlanta coyote can give birth up to 19 pups at ago. The babies weigh about 250 grams at birth. Of special interest about this is coyotes are monogamous unlike many of their cousins. Females that fail to get pups, will band together with others and take care of new born pups from other sisters.

Coyotes do well in grasslands, where their choice of prey is easily found. However with modernization, encroachment these habitats and the eventual extermination of wolfs (some of their natural hunters), Georgia coyotes havequickly adapted to forest areas and urban areas. They build dens that measure about 13 inches high and 10 inches wide. These dens are warm and comfortable and deep to hide from predators.

Coyotes primarily feed on meet diet, preying on animals that are smaller than them. However once in a while due to food scarcity, you may come across Atlanta coyotes eating fruit. They favor sheep, rodents, and chicken rabbits, among others.

Coyotes are probably considered a nuisance for their hunting of small domestic animals. However, what is a total nuisance is the amount of howling they can make. A funny behavior though is the building of many dens by mother Atlanta coyotes in order to move pups in case of a predator attack. They make up to 3 dens at a time. How about their monogamous nature? Now you know.

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